Fire Chief of the Year


Congratulations to Chief Steve Pegram of the Goshen Township Fire Department on being named the Great Lakes Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Chief of the Year!

Chief Paul Wright, the Ohio Representative of the organization, presented the award to Chief Pegram as a surprise at a retirement banquet for Chief Pegram. Chief Pegram received the award among family, friends, and coworkers.





This award, the most prestigious honor the IAFC’s Great Lakes Division can bestow upon its chief fire executives, was conceived to recognize truly outstanding fire chiefs whose actions and leadership serve as an example for all other chief fire executives throughout the Great Lakes states.


Two awards will be presented; one for a Career Fire Chief and one for a Volunteer Chief.

  • A volunteer fire chief is defined as one who earns his or her principal livelihood by some means other than serving as a fire chief, even if the position of chief carries some compensation.
  • A career fire chief is defined as one who earns his or her principal livelihood as a fire chief.
  • In each category, the status of the fire department as a whole-paid, volunteer, or combination is not considered.
  • Individuals who are eligible for nomination and selection as Fire Chief of the Year are limited to active fire chiefs (organization head) of fire rescue agencies. Previous Great Lakes Division Fire Chief of the Year winners are not eligible for additional nomination.
  • Selection criteria will emphasize leadership, innovation, professional development, integrity, service to the public, and contributions to the fire service.
  • All of a nominee’s fire service activities and accomplishments will be considered. A nominee’s command role at a major emergency incident alone, while relevant, will not be enough to place that individual into contention for the award.
  • All nominees must be a member in good standing with the IAFC’s Great Lakes Division.
  • Individuals nominating persons for the Fire Chief of the Year Award do not need to be members of the IAFC’s Great Lakes Division.
  • Remember, this is a lifetime achievement award, not one specific incident.